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One of the biggest challenges of driving at night is unable to see people walking on the road ahead or any animal running cross the road suddenly. Headlights often provide enough brightness to drive safely during the night, but objects at distances farther than 40 meters are usually not seen by a driver. At night, limited visibility puts pedestrians at risk: Studies have shown that the risk for fatal pedestrian accidents is almost four times greater at night than during the day. Guide Infrared’s ADAS Night Vision can improve the visibility at night and enhance the driving safety. 

Using infrared technology, the ADAS Night Vision system analyzes the content of the scene while taking the vehicle’s motion into account. The system can detect pedestrians up to four times farther than the traditional headlight range— even penetrating dense smoke. It actively detects people near the roadway, highlighting potential hazards and allowing drivers to have more time to react to them. The ADAS Night Vision System also could optimize driver’s vision when driving in harsh weather like fog, rain and snow.