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Border & Coastal Surveillance 

The terrain of boarder zone (border or the coastline etc.) is complex, the area is vast, and the weather is harsh. The ordinary monitoring system cannot meet all-weather and long distance intrusion prevention requirements, while the detection distance of the infrared thermal imaging system is far, also the infrared thermal imaging system can work as normal in different harsh weather, operate day and night, and identify the infrared spectral characteristics of targets. In a word, infrared thermal imaging system is the ideal choice for long range reconnaissance and detection in boarder zone.

City Surveillance 

Due to crowd dense in the urban important area, its inappropriate to strengthen the light intensity of traditional visible camera, but the visibility of these areas is very low at night and its easily to occur criminal events.  Infrared thermal imaging surveillance system can have the panoramic view of these regions to protect peoples lives and property safety.

Ports & Wharfs Monitoring 

Generally its unable to provide adequate lighting in ports and wharfs, and the night monitoring is less effective, but it always occur contraband, drug trafficking, human smuggling or other criminal incidents in these regions. Infrared thermal imaging system doesnt need any light, and the image at night without light is same with that in the daytime.

Law Enforcement Monitoring 

Crime always uses concealment and hiding etc other means to avoid search and surveillance of law enforcement officers and carry out criminal activities. Infrared thermal imaging system can overcome the limitations of human visual to achieve the all-weather and no dead corner surveillance, and have unparalleled advantages than visible camera even in the daytime, discover the hidden objectives, does not emit any light and do not need any light at the same time. Infrared thermal imaging system facilitates the law enforcement tasks.

Key Infrastructure Monitoring 

Power plants, petrochemicals, iron and steel plants, dams, airports and other infrastructure are the objects of state protection. However, due to the special environment of these facilities (wide area, without lighting, complexity environment), the intrusion prevention work is challenging. Infrared thermal imaging system is capable to have the alert monitoring in a variety of harsh environmental and climatic conditions, and perfectly competent regional security work.