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B Series: Tool-like Thermographic IR Camera

B series is an efficient, budget-friendly and completely equipped infrared camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system thanks to its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation, which makes it an ideal tool for troubleshooting electrical installations, mechanical components, buildings, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and others.


The overalrubber design makes it rugged enough to with stand a 1m drop in any direction, which is ideal for use in harsh environments. Its 3.5 high-bright LCD screen delivers ectremely sharp and clear imagery even in bright sunshine without and shield. Three optional manual focus lens ensures better image compared with fixed lens, and make the camera more versatile for different requirements. Optional WiFi function can transfer image to an Apple or Android mobile device for quick process.


Friendly UI, easy to use without training

Affordable as entry level diagnostic tool

Removable Large capacity Li-ion battery, 4 hour working time

3.5”large screen with no image cropping, high brightness
screen to show image with no detailed information lost even
outdoor or in highlight

Rugged and compact design, metal internal structure

Standard Micro USB interface for data transmission and charging

Optional Wi-Fi connection with notebook or mobile

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