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IR239:On-line Monitoring IR System

The IR239 intelligent online thermal monitoring system utilizes advanced thermography technology to monitor a variety of devices found in electrical substations: main transformer, GIS Switchgear, High Voltage Switchgear, control room etc. Infrared imaging allows for non-contact imaging of surface radiation from a large distance and without electric field interference. It fully meets the standards for power station infrastructure monitoring and for unattended continuous monitoring. At the same time it is used to provide guidance based on abnormalities for regular substation inspections. This all results in improved substation timeliness, cost savings and an effective reduction of substation accidents.

Simple System Construction

The IR239 Smart Grid On-line Thermal Monitoring System constructed by three parts: on-site IR239 camera, Control Sever and Client Softwareware.



Easy to Use


-Remote operation;

-Smart analysis;

-Adoptable for current network;

-Productive on daily work;

-Release manpower from heavy work


Powerful Function

 -Modulized design, easy for maintenance;

-Smart historical analysis;

-Multi-user operation and classification management;

-Smart energy conservation mode to extend life time of the system;

-Lightning proof and anti-electromagnetic interference.




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