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Guide IR236E: On-line Infrared Fever Sensing System, for disease control

The historic outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus in West Africa continues to spread. The disease, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic FEVER or Ebola virus disease, kills up to 90% of people who are infected. More than 700 people have died -- including one American -- as the virus spread across four countries, making it the largest Ebola outbreak ever.

Like H1N1, H7N9, Ebola spread between humans and it is possible from country to country when people travel. Horrible trend shows that Ebola are spreading out of West Africa as more and more suspected infectors being found out of this area. But there are safety measures in place to prevent people from travelling with the disease. Guide Infrared, as the pioneer on disease control infrared fever sensing system, has rich experience in preventing the spread of the disease. Since SARS in 2003, Bird Flu in 2007, H7N9 in 2009, Guide Infrared IR236E Fever Sensing Systems has been playing important role at many different airports and important site all over the world such as Cairo Airport, Indonesia Airport, Mexico City Airport and over 90% Chinese Airport. The Guide Infrared IR236E Fever Sensing System provides an efficient measurement to detect people who may infected Ebola virus and to prevent the virus spread cross place. 

Precise single & multiple hot spots and Alarm

With advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, IR236E can inspect wide and large area flowing crowds, distinguish those who with elevated temperature and alarm immediately.

Razor-sharp visual and thermal imaging

It is used UFPA 384*288 pixels detector and 1280x720 HD digital signal transmission, keeps delivering razor-sharp thermal imaging video and visual video.


Real-time high-frequency data capture transmission and storage

With digital signal transmission and 50Hz/60Hz PAL/NTSC frame frequency, it could capture real-time video and display without any delay.


Precise Temperature Accuracy & Intelligent Alarm

The wider the temperature measurement range is, the lower the thermal sensitivity is. The temperature measurement range of normal industrial infrared camera is from -20℃ to +500℃,but the IR236 is from 0℃ to +50℃, which ensures high thermal sensitivity.

The IR236E temperature measurement accuracy is 0.3℃,while other industrial IR cameras announce 2℃, which means a people in 38℃ may be passed as in 36℃ by incorrect measurement. This is a fatal mistake in current emergency.

Intelligent object differentiation avoiding false alarm and interference. IR236E alarms to the person’s face if with high temperature, and will never be affected by other high-temperature small objects like cigar or hot food.

-Professional but easy-to-use software enabling maintenance free

The Guide software in the IR236E system is with friendly interface and easy to operate. The operator could use it well only after a few minutes training, the maintenance is free.

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