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Announced at CES 2017: Guide Infrared comes into consumer infrared era !

    Date:2017-08-08 16:06:54


CES had a grand opening on January 5, 2017, in Las Vegas. The International Consumer Electronics Show celebrated its 50th birthday which was founded in 1967. Over the last 50 years, CES has become the worlds largest event in the consumer electronics industry . For the first time Guide Infrared was happily to attend it.


 Guide Infrareds staffs in CES 2017


Guide Infrared was the first Chinese infrared enterprise to participate in CES 2017 and showed infrared thermal imaging application for smart home, outdoor entertainment and night vision for vehicle navigation.


Infrared thermal cameras can help you in the fields of smart home, housing repair, wall defect detection, leakage damp testing, electrical equipment inspection or even just looking for lost pets.



In the field of outdoor entertainment, we can quickly observe the surrounding environment in the dark night or dense jungle and alert you to wild animals in time to ensure the safety of the camp for hiking and camping enthusiasts. Through rain , snow and fog, users can see the road conditions and the surrounding environment in inclement weather to avoid getting lost. The infrared thermal cameras can be used for personnel search and rescue when someone is lost or trapped.



In the field of night vision for vehicle navigation, infrared thermal imagers can detect road environment and get the image clearly, meanwhile, it has a longer and wider detection range and reaches 1.5 times than automobile high beam, so drivers have more time to take measures in advance to avoid traffic accidents. Then driving becomes safer and more comfortable.



There is an experience zone in the exhibition site, you can take a Guide Infrareds IR camera to find the little secret that our staffs placed in the darkroom.



C series which won "Oscar of Chinese design community " - Red Star Award was in the site,too.