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During the outbreak of SARS in 2003, Guide Infrared succeeded in intercepting the entry of high fever patients, and played an important role in nationwide SARS prevention, enabling Chinese government to establish the sound epidemics detection network.

Sichuan Earthquake

During the relief work of Sichuan Earthquake on 12 May 2008, only the products from Guide Infrared were selected for real-time monitoring of dangerous conditions.

H1N1 Flu

During the worldwide outbreak of H1N1 flu in 2009, Guide Infrared took the lead in providing the thermal imaging cameras to Mexico where is the origin place of H1N1 flu. Guide Infrared was the only supplier of infrared detection equipment among the first batch of assistance & emergency materials delivered from China to Mexico.

National Security

During the celebration of 60th National Day, the detection equipment from Guide Infrared was selected by the Chinese government to monitor such important places as Tian’anmen Gatetower, Great Hall of the People, etc.

Guide Infrared’s onboard infrared night-vision system has been used in China’s marine surveillance ships to carry out cruising tasks, which makes the great contribution to the construction of national defense scurity.


Guide Infrared cares for the national & social security and frequently participates into the national anti-terrorism activities, which makes the great contribution to national property security and social peace.