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Guide KnightIR SFU Series: Entry-level Thermal Infrared Security Monitoring System

Guide KnightIR SFU is Guide’s new thermal security monitoring system for day-and-night use, in total darkness and in extreme weather such as rain or dense fog. It can easily be integrated into different security systems with standard protocols and interfaces. Multiple lens options allow for different monitoring distances. The system can be applied broadly: in ports, wharfs, stations, airports, border stations and more.

- Standardized Video and Control Protocols & Connectors

  Protocols and physical connectors comply with security industry standards for easy integration, such as Pelco-D/Pelco-P and Onvif 2.0.

- Power over Ethernet (PoE) supported

- Energy Alarm

  The advanced energy alarm function can locate high temperatures quickly and outputs an alarm signal to an alarm device or control center

External Storage

  SD card with Max. storage capacity of 16GB

- Image enhancement

   Automatic Brightness & Contrast and HDR (High Dynamic Range) optimization enhance the visibility of details and the overall image quality.

Multiple lens options

   5 lens options from 9.6mm to 40mm

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