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Guide Infrared organizes cultivation regarding infrared theory and commercial use product knowledge

    Date:2014-08-20 10:55:11
During March 20th to 22nd, 2012, 3 days cultivation lesson regarding infrared theory and commercial use product knowledge reached a satisfactory end in Guide Infrared. This lesson was given by professional instructor and invited channel partner of commercial Infrared cameras.
During the lesson, the instructor explained the infrared theory, to make it available for the partner understand the theory and function of infrared; then introduced the function, feature and its application of the commercial use produce like traffic night vision, police enforcement, safety protection, fire-control thermometric and infrared mechanism. Demonstrated by video clips and pictures helped the partners to have a vivid image with the related products, they also shared their opinions regarding the application and the sales of these products.
Following the lesson, the partners reached consensus that they will fix the confidence of the infrared cooperation .Go together with this China infrared infrared field leading enterprise .